Wood cutting machine: buying guide, the best models and the “news”.

Are you going to cut wooden boards with absolute precision?

Do you need to build a small wooden house for your child?

Whatever your final purpose and the woodwork you want to do, you can count on the wood cutting machine.
There are different types of wood cutting machines on the market and on this page we’re going to describe them all, so that you can get a clear idea of which model is right for you.
In addition, you can also see the best models of wood cutting machines that offer excellent value for money.

Radial cut-off machine for wood: selection guide and recommended models!

After seeing the different types of mitre saws for wood we discover the features to pay attention to most. In the sub-sections we have also recommended special models. By clicking on the links you can read the reviews written by us and also evaluate prices and availability.

Integrated vacuum cleaner: yes or no?

As you know, working with wood you will have to deal with sawdust. So you will be forced to clean your worktop. To make cleaning easier you can use a vacuum cleaner. Some models are equipped with an integrated vacuum cleaner. However, it should be noted that the best cleaning is achieved by connecting an external vacuum cleaner.

For hobby use we recommend the Metabo kgs 216 with integrated funnel conveyor which makes cleaning much easier (external vacuum can be connected).
For professional use, we recommend the Bosch gm 8 sjl Professional, which has a double suction action.

Laser guide yes or no?

For more precise cutting, some mitre saws are equipped with a laser projector. The laser beam “guides” you during the cutting process to prevent errors and speed up the work (especially when cutting in series). Ideal especially for those who are not experts in the field and do not have the same familiarity of a professional.

For hobbyists we recommend the Einhell th sm 2131 Dual radial cut-off machine.
For professionals we recommend the Bosch gcm 12 gdl Professional radial cut-off machine or the Makita LS1219L.


LED light: yes or no?

An LED light is also available in some cases for greater convenience. This function is important if you work in a poorly lit environment. If, on the other hand, you have a fixed, adequately lit workstation, you might as well “snub” this feature.
We recommend the Einhell te sm 2534 Dual and the Metabo kgs 254 M as models with an LED light.

How powerful does it have to be?

When choosing the ideal mitre saw, you should also consider the power. The more powerful it is, the more effective it will be. You will be able to make faster and cleaner cuts. It must be said, however, that high powers are not always needed (both for professionals and hobbyists). For the simplest jobs even 1200 watts are enough. For work with the thickest and hardest materials, however, you need a power not indifferent and certainly higher than at least 1500 watts.

Among the most powerful models in the hobby is the Einhell th sm 2534 Dual (2350 watts).

Cut-off machine with top table for wood: selection guide and recommended models

Once again, we will help you identify some features to look out for. However, we don’t want to repeat ourselves in the same explanations given before and we would like to be more direct (just so you don’t get bored with always the same “soup”). So we will provide a brief description and indicate the model we recommend.

If you are interested in a cut-off machine with a laser top, we suggest for hobbyists the Compa Silver Green 250, while for professionals the Bosch gtm 12 jl professional.
If you’re a hobbyist and don’t need a powerful model, we recommend the Einhell th ms 2112 t. For professionals, the high-performance Femi 1050 3d.

Choose models that are equipped with a rigid double table (it’s fine if they are both made of die-cast aluminum) so you can work properly both using the power tool as a mitre saw and as a saw.

Never forget to wear ear protection. All the more so if you have bought a cut-off machine with a brush motor (quite noisy, especially the older models). On the contrary, the induction cut-off machines are very quiet. And in this regard we recommend to read the review of the model Femi 733 (for hobbyists / semi-professionals) and Hitahi c12ya (for professionals).

Cut-off machine with multi-purpose blade for wood, aluminium and iron: the innovative models

Don’t feel like changing blades to switch from wood to metal?

Do you want to cut a piece of aluminium and switch to iron with the same blade?

All this can come true thanks to the multi-purpose blades of the hobby models Evolution Fury 3xl and Compa Orange 250 mcut plus (the latter with upper table). These, instead, are the professional models: Evolution Rage 3SFP and Evolurion Rage 3DB.

Wood cutting machine: affordable prices too!

Thinking about an object like the wood cutting machine, we already assume that the final cost will be quite high. This is partly true, if we refer to professional models. If, however, your use is a hobby, then on the market there are several really cheap cut-off machines[like this one].

Just be careful not to choose cheap products that can not meet your needs. For a safe choice opt only for models of the best brands (such as Einhell or Bosch for example).

Cut-off saws for wood: more information on the types

As mentioned above, we’re now going to look at the different types of wood cutting machines. This is the first step to make the choice most relevant to your professional or hobby needs.

  • Radial cut-off machine: these are the most innovative models that allow wider and thicker cuts. In this case the head moves back and forth on a horizontal axis. The most modern models allow all types of movements. Obviously, however, these models are more universal but also have a higher cost than a classic radial cut-off machine.
  • Cut-off machine with upper table: this model can be used both as a cut-off machine and as a table saw. All you have to do is to sink the blade completely until it is horizontal. Thanks to this simple operation, what was previously a mitre saw has now become an excellent table saw.
  • Combined mitre saw: these models are very similar to mitre saws with an upper table, so much so that they are often called in the same way. In fact, even in this case the mitre saw can be transformed into a table saw. The only difference is that you have four removable metal legs that support the frame when using the mitre saw.

The Metabo KGS 216 M radial mit re saw is an excellent product. This mitre saw is one of the best on the market in many ways, and is very well made and of very good quality.

The Metabo KGS 216 M mitre saw has many fascinating features. The design and construction of this radial mitre saw are immediately apparent.

The cart design, for example, includes a carrying handle (to be attached to the outside of the packaging) and a system for connecting the power cord (2 brackets mounted on the right side of the cart). When fully opened, the Metabo KGS 216 M weighs 13 kg and measures 34 x 76 x 47.5 cm.

Its cutting blade can cut through entire panels up to 25-30 cm at a time.

The length of the cut varies depending on the angle of inclination chosen, whether 90° or 45°, and ranges from 305 mm to 205 mm in length and 65 mm to 36 mm in depth. The Metabo KGS 216 M is a bargain!

Comfortable and robust

If you purchase the Metabo KGS 216 M, you will receive it in a large, sturdy packaging which is immediately evident to be of very good quality.

The Metabo KGS 216 M radial cut-off saw is equipped with a powerful 3 LED light that illuminates the working area and a laser beam on the left side of the blade that indicates the position of the blade. The sliding of the carriage is smooth and safe.

A screw prevents disc movement during transport or “stationary” cuts. To create pockets or grooves, a variable selector prevents vertical lowering of the disc. A suction port is also included to attach the chip bag.

The mitre saw is ideal for cutting wooden boards and is very accurate, with a weight that allows it to be moved easily. It has a sturdy base that allows you to work safely.

In general, the Metabo KGS 216 M mitre saw exceeds expectations. However, we would like to point out that the Metabo KGS 216 M is a semi-professional radial cut-off machine.

Metabo kgs 216: also for small craftsmen!

We recommend the purchase of the Metabo kgs 216 M mitre saw for hobbyists as well as for all craftsmen who need a portable mitre saw so that they can also work outside of their job. As far as the price is concerned this Metabo mitre saw is in the lower price range. Really good value for money.


The two extendable outer supports can be removed to create a height difference even when the saw is out of the way, like when cutting skirting boards or other long boards. The cut is excellent as it is burr-free on both solid wood and veneer.

The clamp to secure the workpiece to the cutting base can be removed and repositioned on the right side of the table. In addition, the quick lowering button for the clamping disc on the workpiece is very practical. The Metabo KGS 216 M is a very stable radial cut-off machine that should be in every workshop.

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