Stanley FMCS701B-XJ: the most cost-effective radial handpiece

If you’re interested in the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ, presumably you’ve already read the price and realized that it’s a small bargain.

You haven’t gone far from the truth, considering that this cordless radial cut-off saw can be rightly considered as one of the best for quality to price ratio. It costs half as much as models in the same range produced by other well-known brands, but unexpectedly manages to maintain the peculiarities of a mid-range machine. In short, it is cheap but only in the cost, because then in the field proves to be superior.

Curious to discover its technical features, pros and cons? Read our review of the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ and delve into every detail!

  • Excellent cutting capacity (216 x 50 mm at 90°)
  • Easy to transport 10 kg
  • Excellent autonomy of use (up to 500 profile cuts)
  • Precision cutting thanks to the excellent lineshadow system
  • Mitre cut (0°), oblique cut (45° right-left), slanted cut (0° oblique) and combined cut (0° left oblique)

Technical features

  • Battery voltage of 18V
  • Blade diameter of 190 mm
  • Diameter of the hole of 16 mm
  • Weight of the cut-off machine of 11.7 kg
  • Model: battery powered cut-off machine
  • Multi-material cutting

Structure and materials

Handy and compact, the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ is a lightweight wonder without sacrificing cutting quality and precision. It’s a cordless cut-off machine made of metal and plastic (ABS), with a weight just below average (11.7 kilos). In summary, it is very easy to use and transport, but at the same time proves to be quite robust and therefore durable.

Remember that it’s a radial model, so it has a blade arm that gives you the possibility to make cross cuts. The credit goes to the carriage, which allows you to move the blade back and forth, so you can saw even wider pieces than normal. Staying on the subject of structure, there is the usual manifold to connect the hose of a chip vacuum. In fact, since it comes with an integrated vacuum cleaner and an included bag, it is not essential to connect it to a vacuum bin or a professional chip vacuum.

Secondly, it can assure you a really high precision in the cuts, thanks to the presence of the Line Shadow system. The Line Shadow system casts a shadow of light on the workpiece, allowing you to rest the saw only after having found the best spot. Unlike other models, the LED light is not located under the arm but on the inside under the protective cap.

Battery life

Generally the battery-powered radial cutters offer an autonomy corresponding to about 250 or 300 cuts per charge, but the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ exceeds (and by a lot) this value. In fact, you should know that the battery has a duration corresponding to 500 cuts, calculated on a maximum thickness of 80 x 7 mm. In fact, the battery lasts twice as long as other cut-off machines in the same price range, and this is an advantage to be emphasized.

In this regard we would like to specify that the version reviewed in this article includes both the 18V battery (4.0 Ah) and the charger, although in the data sheet is not reported. Of course, the only batteries compatible with the cut-off machine are the proprietary ones, and we don’t recommend you to try to fit batteries from other brands, even if you’ll use an adapter. Before we go any further, we’d like to give you one piece of advice: if you plan to use it beyond 500 cuts, and if you don’t want to wait for the battery to recharge, better buy a second spare.

  • Excellent cutting capacity (216 x 50 mm at 90°)
  • Easy portability 10 kg
  • Excellent autonomy of use (up to 500 profile cuts)
  • Precision cutting thanks to the excellent lineshadow system
  • Mitre cut (0°), mitre cut (45° right-left), mitre cut (0° mitre) and combined cut (0° left mitre)

Blade and cutting capacity

The blade, like the machine itself, is of high quality as well as versatile. In fact, it is a steel blade with a diameter of 190 mm and a 16 mm mounting hole. Secondly, know that it’s a multi-material blade, as it houses 40 teeth made from TCT (tungsten carbide). Clearly there are limitations, as this model is designed to cut soft, undemanding materials: in short, besides wood you can use the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ to saw plastic and aluminum, but not steel (not even mild steel).

The cutting capacities are on average with products in the same price range, which is obviously an advantage. Below you can see all the values for the depth of cut at a given angle.

  • Horizontal mitre cut (0 degrees): 50 x 216 mm
  • Vertical mitre cut (0 degrees): 90 x 15 mm
  • Mitre cut horizontal (45 degrees): 50 x 152 mm
  • Mitre cut vertical (45 degrees): 90 x 15 mm
  • Horizontal mitre cut (0 degrees): 50 x 216 mm
  • Slant cut vertical (0 degrees): 50 x 15 mm
  • Horizontal combined cut (0 degrees left): 50 x 152 mm
  • Vertical combined cut (0° left): 50 x 15 mm

Blade tilt and bevel

Reading the values above, you will surely have noticed that the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ can be tilted only to your left (i.e. to the right of the machine). Actually many models in this range cannot be tilted from both sides, so this is not a real defect but a typical limitation of these models.

As far as bevel cutting is concerned, the latter is obviously possible both on the right and on the left, since you just have to orient the plate according to your needs. The maximum on both sides corresponds to 45 degrees, and also in this case we are perfectly in line with the reference market.

Motor and performance

The engine is quite powerful, and it is important to underline an aspect related to safety: in fact, there is a lock button that will prevent you from accidentally starting the cut-off machine, so as to avoid dangerous accidents. As for the performance, this is excellent with both wood and aluminum, thanks to a motor that makes the blade spin at 3,600 rotations per minute (RPM).

In our opinion, considering the starting price, the Stanley FMCS701B-XJ is a surefire investment. It’s not easy to find cordless cut-off saws that perform so well and are lightweight, as well as multi-material.

  • Excellent cutting capacity (216 x 50 mm at 90°)
  • Easy transportability 10 kg
  • Excellent autonomy of use (up to 500 profile cuts)
  • Cutting precision thanks to the excellent lineshadow system
  • Mitre cut (0°), oblique cut (45° right-left), slanted cut (0° oblique) and combined cut (0° left oblique)

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