Slicing machine: everything you need to know about this machine

A mitre saw is a power tool that can be stationary or portable and is used to make straight or angled cuts in iron, wood, aluminium and other materials.

It can be used both to shape parts and to cut away bulky or firmly attached parts in an object.

Widely used by parquet layers, carpenters and framers in the professional field. However, there are also models designed for hobby use.

Thanks to the mitre saw, a hobbyist could build a doghouse, a playhouse for his children or do more general jobs such as cutting joists all to the same size.

The latest models of mitre saw allow you to cut different pieces of various sizes (even the longest ones) being able to make different types of cuts (longitudinal, oblique and transverse). We’ll talk about the different types later, so if you want to know more about them, continue reading this page. Among other things, you can also discover the best models, the best brands and the parameters to consider before buying a mitre saw.

The best mitre saws and offers

Are you looking for the best mitre saws?

It is not easy to identify the best because for everyone the mitre saw must have different characteristics. In fact, not everyone has the same needs. When it comes to saving money, however, this is not the case. When you go to buy a product, you always try to combine quality with an advantageous price. This is exactly what the “Best mitre saws” we have chosen offer.

Below, however, you can evaluate the offers related to bestsellers, so you can buy the same at a price even more convenient.

How to choose a mitre saw?

You don’t know much about the “world of mitre saws”?

Would you like to know more before making your choice?

In this paragraph we are going to discuss the parameters to be taken into account before making the purchase of the ideal mitre saw for you. So you can buy a product that is more in line with your actual needs. You can also visit the article: “How to choose a mitre saw” where we will also recommend models.

Professional or hobby cut-off machine?

Are you a professional in the industry or simply want to use this tool as a hobby?

From this difference your choice must start. If your use is at home then you won’t need to buy professional models (more performing but also more expensive). On the contrary, instead, you won’t be able to do without buying a professional cut-off machine.

Electric or petrol log saw?

On the market there are different types of cut-off machines. Some are petrol-powered and others are electric. The electric cut-off machine can be used for both hobby and professional use (obviously it also depends on the model chosen and its characteristics).
The petrol-powered cut-off machine is used for much more demanding work. So much so that its use is also intended for rescue teams.

Induction or brush cut-off machine?

A choice always from the point of view of the engine. Only this time we’re talking about electric-only models.
Which one do you prefer?
If you love silence, you’ll have to choose an induction cut-off machine. In fact, the power tools with brushes are noisier but with the same characteristics they are more performing.

Cut-off machine for wood, iron and aluminium: choose carefully!

As we said at the beginning, the cut-off machine is an ideal tool for cutting and shaping various materials. However, you must be careful in the choice of blades. In fact, not all blades have the same quality. So, there are blades ideal for cutting iron, others perfect for wood and others for aluminum.
But be careful: you also need to assess how well the model you choose can cut harder or softer materials. In fact, there are cut-off saws only for wood, others only for iron where it is not possible or not recommended to mount different blades.
However, on the market there are also universal cut-off saws such as, for example, Evolution Fury 3 xl (for hobbyists) and Evolution Rage 3 db (for professionals) that use a single blade for aluminum, wood and metal.
To help you choose the right cut-off machine for you, below you’ll find links that will take you to special pages where we’ll also recommend suitable models according to the material to be cut:

Cut-off blade: dimensions

Another choice must be made according to the size of the blade. The size varies from about 200 mm to 350 mm. The larger the blade, the more voluminous the cut-off machine will be.
The choice of the blade must be made according to the type of use. As you can guess, a small blade of 200 mm is ideal for smaller jobs, such as making frames. Follow the links below to see the most reliable models by blade diameter:

Number of teeth!

Earlier we mentioned how important it is to choose a quality saw blade. In addition to the quality, the number of teeth must also be taken into account. Depending on the number of teeth, the type of material you can work with will also change. For example, if you need to cut rough lumber, you won’t need a lot of teeth. On the other hand, if you’re cutting panels and laminates, it’s better to use a blade with several teeth.

What is the ideal power?

When choosing a mitre saw, the power is also important. More power means you can tackle the job more efficiently. The cut will be faster and without any difficulty (of course you have to choose quality blades). For a hobbyist a power of 1200 watts can be good. For professional use the power must necessarily be higher than this value.

Cut-off machine with laser or without?

Is the laser projector really useful?

Before answering this question, let’s say that the laser guide projects a beam that helps you to make precise cuts. We find it useful because it also speeds up the work, especially in case of mass cuts. However, professionals may not feel the need to use it because of the experience they’ve accumulated over the years.
To learn more about this topic, visit the “Laser cutting machine” page.

Manual or automatic cut-off machine?

The choice between an automatic and a manual cut-off machine is quite simple. Certainly the automatic cut-off machines are not ideal models for hobby use, given the large size and price certainly not affordable. It can be used in special workshops and allows a greater amount of work. This machine is managed by a special computer that automatically processes the optimal cut (obviously, you can intervene by changing the various parameters). The cut is performed automatically. That’s why these machines are used only in the industrial sector when a greater amount of work is needed.

The manual cut-off machine is the classic model that can be used by both hobbyists and professionals where cutting is not done automatically. In this case you only need your hands and your precision.


The cut-off machines are certainly dangerous tools if not used with care and attention. That’s why it’s essential that each model is equipped with a special shaft lock to ensure quick and easy blade replacement.
Safety will only be as good as it should be if you make sure that no unpleasant situations occur. The right equipment is also essential for this. Always wear goggles to protect your eyes. The noise from the cut-off machine is not good for your hearing, so wear ear muffs.
Keep the work area clean as you work, otherwise the blade could pick up debris and throw it at you. Of course, keep your hands well away from all moving parts.


When we listed the things to consider for your safety, we deliberately left one out. We’re referring to the cleanliness factor. Slowly that you cut you can accumulate a lot of sawdust, which is certainly a flammable material. Not to mention materials that can also be toxic, so breathing them in wouldn’t do you any good at all. That’s why cleaning is so important.
In the past, cleaning was done manually, but now you can take advantage of the convenientvacuum attachment. Thus, your working environment will always be clean. Moreover, some models have built-in vacuum cleaner and this makes the cleaning job even easier.

Slicing machines: the best brands

After having seen the parameters, let’s see the best brands.
How important is the brand in the choice of the cut-off machine?
The brand is very important and ensures you a quality product. Buying a power tool from an unknown brand risks wasting your money. The risk is not only in the quality of the product, but in some cases you may not even have a proper after sales service to call upon. There is never an end to the worst, because you might have an instruction booklet without the Italian language.
So, in order to avoid the possible problems described above, it’s better to focus on reliable and professional brands.
Which are the best brands on the market?
We have selected the best brands in this field. Just click on your preferred brand to find out more about the characteristics of the mitre saws of that brand. Not only that, you can also discover the best models of the brand.

Radial cut-off machine

Compared to the classic models of cut-off machine that can move the head only from top to bottom, the radial cut-off machine allows to perform also oblique cuts on wider and thicker pieces. The peculiarity is due to its blade that can move transversally on the workpiece. The head can be tilted to the right or left, thus allowing mitre cuts.
If you want to learn more about this topic, just click on the appropriate link: Radial mitre saw.

Cut-off machine with top table

This mitre saw is characterised by the fact that it can also be used as a table saw. This is made possible by the fact that the blade can be sunk completely so that the top plate is in a horizontal position. In this way you will have a table saw (obviously the size of this table varies depending on the model of mitre saw chosen).
As we will see in the next paragraph, the mitre saw with upper table is very similar to the type we are about to describe.

Combined cut-off machine

These models can be used both as a mitre saw and as a table saw. Up to this point we have the exact same characteristics as the cut-off saws with upper table. The difference lies in the four removable (metal) legs that allow you to support the frame of the mitre saw. This then allows you to use your mitre saw in different areas and not have to place the machine on the floor or on a table.
Simply flip the product over and remove the legs and it can be used as a table saw.

The combination miter saw is also called a combination saw. Aside from the lexical difference there is no difference in operation. Often you will also read about mitre saws with a top shelf called as combination mitre saws. Generally speaking, there is no real misdefinition, since in both models there is a combination of two different tools in one machine. Just to be more precise, it should be specified that the combined cut-off machines are also equipped with removable legs.

Disc cut-off machine

The disc cut-off machine consists of a disc head that is lowered onto the workpiece. Ideal for cutting metals. On the market for working on metals there are also band saws, but for a faster cut it is better, in our opinion, to opt for the disk cutters that provide a smooth and precise lowering mechanism.
Among the most popular models, at hobby level, there is Aeg smt 355. At professional level Bosch gcd 12 jl Professional.

Cut-off machine: even “low” prices!

We have seen the different types of mitre saw, now we just have to evaluate one last important parameter, namely the price.
How much does a cut-off machine cost?
On the market there are economic models for each type, obviously these cut-off machines are more for hobby use. In fact, for professional use there are more powerful models that obviously have a higher cost.

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