Professional wood glue: types and application methods

If you have wooden items in your home or are a DIY enthusiast, then wood glue is a must-have tool.

There are different types and brands on the market, each with its own characteristics: it’s up to you to choose the best one for your task.

In this article, we will talk about wood glue in detail, how to choose it and what features distinguish each type, as well as create a list of the best ones on the market.

Types of Wood Glue

There are different types and brands of wood glue each with its own characteristics. Some are not water resistant, some have a high bonding strength and some are meant for temporary fixing.

D2, D3 and D4 vinyl wood glue

Vinyl Glue, commonly known as Vinavil, is one of the most commonly used DIY solutions and is also used by wood professionals.

The process of gluing wood pieces together takes more than five to six minutes.

D2, D3 and D4 are three varieties of vinyl glue. The difference between these three types is in their water resistance: D2 vinavil glue cannot be used to repair objects that come into contact with water, while D3 and D4 vinavil glue can also be used for objects that are exposed to the environment outdoors.

D3 is most often used in window and door construction, while D4 is mainly used in the marine industry.

  • CERTIFICATION – Tensile shear strength on bonding EN 205:2003 – Class D3
  • If an INVOICE is required, it must be sent together with the order.

  • CERTIFICATION – Tensile shear strength on bonding EN 205:2003 – Class D3
  • If an INVOICE is required, it must be sent with the order.

  • CERTIFICATION – Tensile shear strength on bonding EN 205:2003 – Class D3
  • If an INVOICE is required, it must be sent with the order.

  • Versatile – Thanks to this strong adhesive it is possible to carry out assembly work (dowels, grooves, etc.), veneering and laminating.
  • Fast bonding – This instant glue dries in about 5 minutes and sets in 24 hours. The white glue during application turns clear when it dries.
  • Multi-purpose – The liquid glue is easy to apply thanks to the bottle. It is suitable for all types of wood (except PVC, ABS and polyester with unsanded surface).
  • High strength – This extra strong glue can be used to fix up to 40 kg/cm² by assembling or repairing various wooden objects in a durable way.
  • Contents – Pattex Colla Vinilica Express quick drying strong wood specific adhesive, white vinyl glue for various hot and cold pressing processes, 1 bottle 750g

  • Multipurpose – Thanks to this quick glue you can perform assembly work, assembling, veneering, laminating and gluing of laminate floors.
  • Water-resistant – This waterproof glue is resistant to water, but also to fungi and bacteria in wet environments – usable both indoors and outdoors under shelter.
  • Resistant – This extra strong glue allows to fix at least 60kg/cm². It is a weatherproof product, suitable for all types of wood, laminate or solid wood.
  • Practical – Easy to carry and use thanks to the convenient bucket format, the liquid glue dries quickly – 20 to 40 minutes (with final fixing after 24 hours).
  • Contents – Pattex vinyl water resistant strong adhesive for wood, white hot and cold pressing glue, transparent glue when dry, 1 bucket of 5kg, dosage: 150 gr/m².

  • CERTIFICATION – Tensile shear strength on gluing EN 205:2003 – Class D3
  • If an INVOICE is required, it must be sent with the order.

Neoprene or contact glue

The second type of glue we will discuss is known as neoprene. It is used to glue a variety of materials including wood, rubber, metal, fabric, plaster and ceramics.

Neoprene glue is applied with a spatula or brush so that it creates an even layer. You have to wait about 2 minutes for the glue to set and the solvent to evaporate. Then, just make a strong pressure on the two pieces to be glued to join them firmly.

We are talking about a glue that has a high resistance to moisture and cold.

  • Multi-material assembly and plating
  • Particularly suitable for difficult gluing on ceilings or vertical surfaces, wood, laminate, metal, rigid PVC, ceramics, glass, porcelain, felt, cork, leather, rubber, on wood or between them.
  • Not suitable for expanded or extruded polystyrene, Teflon, polyethylene and soft PVC.
  • Easy to use: does not drip and does not come off
  • Final strength after 72 hours

  • Glue.

Aliphatic glue I, II and III

The aliphatic wood glue, which is available in three different strength grades, is more expensive than vinyl. It is a fast-drying glue with a yellow hue.

We are talking about a glue that is mainly used in carpentry, and also in this case there are three distinct certifications for outdoor or indoor use:

  • Type I: To be used only for items that are not exposed to the elements. (For indoor use only);
  • types II and III resist the weather and are often used in the food industry.
  • The adhesive connection attracts quickly
  • Glue residues can be removed with water
  • Best sandability
  • Overpaintable and resistant to most solvents
  • Honey-coloured glue line after drying

  • Titebond Original – Titebond Original Wood Glue impresses with its maximum strength and fast drying. Taken with pleasure by professionals in the field of musical instrument construction, it has hardened almost as much as glass and has no effect on the resonance of the sound body. Excess glue residues can be wiped off the wood with a damp cloth during processing.
  • Titebond Premium II – Titebond II is a premium glue and is characterised by its water resistance. Ideal for outdoor use such as garden furniture, plant baskets or niches. It offers a high initial tack and sets quickly. It impresses with its high strength and can be sanded very well. Titebond Premium wood glue is also FDA approved and can therefore also be used for indirect food contact (cutting boards, coatings, etc.).
  • Titebond Ultimate III – was developed to give you a sophisticated wood-to-wood connection. While still liquid, the excess can be easily removed and wiped off with a damp cloth/water, ideal for sanding and brushing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, non-toxic and solvent-free.

Polyurethane glue

Compared to other glues, it is more powerful and resistant in the presence of moisture. It is mainly used in carpentry and, unlike the previous ones, it has a stronger and more effective fixing.

It must be dosed very carefully because it cannot be painted and can create stains and swelling.

Polyurethane glue is difficult to store. When it encounters moisture, it hardens and can no longer be used. It is better not to open the entire package, because then you will need to buy another one. This type of glue is recommended for industrial use as it is used frequently and in large quantities.

  • Reactive one-component polyurethane adhesive with very high final strength. It hardens under the effect of humidity, forming a transparent elastic film. Resistant to water (D4) and heat (-30°C ÷ +100°C). Open time 60′.
  • APPLICATIONS Bonding hard and soft woods to themselves, to cement and similar materials and to plastic laminates. Bonding of expanded polystyrene to sheet metal, fibreglass, rigid PVC for the production of sandwich panels. Realization of durable gluing in outdoor exhibition: production of doors, windows, stairs, garden furniture, boats.

Two-component epoxy glue

It is called two-component glue because it includes two distinct components which, combined, firmly bind the wood. It is important to shape the cap after the glue has set, so that the two reagents do not come into contact.

The fixing procedure is very simple: combine a small amount of both reagents to make a smooth paste on a piece of wood. The substance must then be poured over the parts to be joined.

It is a glue with a powerful hold that does not expand when joining, as it is not solvent or water-based. It can be used for any type of material.

  • Resistant and high strength advantages in the construction of composite assemblies.

  • Temperature resistance: -30 °C to 500 °C
  • Dead weight resistance: 1, 500 lbs
  • Drying time: 45 min in the sun (room temperature 60 °F – 100 °F). 1: 45 hrs. – 2 hours in the shade.
  • Underwater Drying (10 hours)
  • Once it has reached 100% curing, Pegatanke can withstand several years of attack from acids, alkalis and various solvents.

PVA glue

This is a very popular type of glue. The acronym PVA stands for Polyvinyl Acetate. It is essential to clean up smudges as soon as possible because it dries quickly.

The glue must be applied with a brush and the wood must be at least half an inch thick otherwise it can cause warping.

  • UNIVERSAL Do you want to glue different materials together but simple glues can’t do it? Our universal glue will be a perfect solution! You can glue together paper, glass, ceramics, fabric and many other materials in any combination. It will be perfect not only for home but also for school work. It becomes transparent once dry, ideal for DIY projects at school, or for hobby work, modeling.
  • DRY WITHOUT LEAVING SPOTS Don’t you like the white spots that usually remain after using glue? We don’t either. That’s why Creative Deco’s universal glue dries without leaving stains and does not have a negative influence on the appearance of the work you create.
  • SAFE We realize the importance of product safety, especially if they are to be used by small artists. That’s why Creative Deco Universal Glue is non-toxic to allow all users a very beautiful, worry-free art experience.
  • QUICK DRYING Don’t like waiting a long time for the glue to dry? Creative Deco Universal Glue will be perfect for gluing together various materials in a short time. After drying it becomes a very strong and transparent joint. The glue guarantees precision gluing with fast curing.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITHIN 30 DAYS We believe we have the highest quality products on the market. That’s why Creative Deco offers its customers the opportunity to return the product within 30 days to prove that the products will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  • Make slime with glue that can be personalised with a rainbow of colours
  • Child-friendly formula is washable with soap and water (not suitable for children under three)
  • Dries without trace and doesn’t drip, for flawless art, DIY and school projects
  • Its smooth, transparent formula is suitable for making slime at home or at school
  • Package includes: one bottle of transparent glue, 946ml; can be used on a wide range of materials

Animal glue

This is a hot glue produced from animal waste. It is a type of glue that needs to be applied at a certain temperature using a brush. You will need to adhere the parts quickly as hot glue dries quickly.

  • Ready-to-use form
  • Ideal for repairing valuable furniture
  • Excellent sandability, excellent resistance to deformation
  • Can be used to create a “crackling” effect on wood
  • Slow set allows precise assembly

  • Put 50 to 100 g of rabbit skin glue in 1L of water and let stand overnight in the insulator of the action of air through a food film
  • Heat in a bain-marie for 15 minutes (without ever letting the glue boil and stirring to make the lumps replaced)
  • of many uses

Prices of wood glue:

The cost of wood glues is determined by a variety of elements, including composition and use, which are the main characteristics that distinguish the various types.

In addition to this, there are various elements that affect the cost, one of which is availability: different brands can be found in a variety of stores, while others are only accessible online. This greatly affects the price.

Overall, prices can range from £2 for the most popular and accessible products like Vinavil glue to over £30.

The best professional wood glues on Amazon

We’ve compiled a list of the best wood glues on the market to help you make an informed decision.

Pattex Express Wood Glue

  • Versatile – Thanks to this durable adhesive, you can do assembly work (dowels, grooves, etc.), veneering and laminating.
  • Fast bonding – This instant glue dries in about 5 minutes and sets in 24 hours. The white glue during application turns clear when it dries.
  • Multi-purpose – The liquid glue is easy to apply thanks to the bottle. It is suitable for all types of wood (except PVC, ABS and polyester with unsanded surface).
  • High strength – This extra strong glue can be used to fix up to 40 kg/cm² by assembling or repairing various wooden objects in a durable way.
  • Contents – Pattex Colla Vinilica Express fast drying strong wood specific adhesive, white vinyl glue for various hot and cold pressing processes, 1 bottle 750g

The first glue of which we will speak is the glue Pattex. This is a glue particularly suitable for wood and therefore for carpentry work.

It has a drying time of five minutes and guarantees a grip up to 40 kg/cm2. Equipped with a convenient dispenser, it becomes transparent after hardening.

Can be used on any type of wood, except PVC, polyester and ABS.

Henkel Crocodile – Vinyl Glue

  • STRONG – Vinyl wood glue is strong, with firm initial tack and proves its quality even in the most difficult jobs, offering repairs that last
  • EFFECTIVE – Strong wood glue is water resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use* and follows EN 204/D3; *outdoors requires painted or enamelled surfaces
  • Natural finish – Fast wood glue is transparent when dry; this super glue gives wood a natural finish and quality glueing, every time.
  • SIMPLE – To use the clear liquid glue you need clean, dry and degreased surfaces; apply and assemble; press for at least 15 min; allow to dry
  • Contents – Pattex Crocodile Power Wood Glue, high quality wood adhesive, water resistant, transparent drying, final hold after 24 h, 1x225g

Henkel is another brand to consider when looking for wood glue. This vinyl glue can be used for any type of repair or fixing, both indoors and outdoors – we’re talking about something that is temperature and humidity resistant.

Henkel Crocodile vinyl glue is ideal for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, we are talking about a D3 type, waterproof, suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Leimfix – D3 waterproof wood glue

  • Innovative multi-level closure: finished with imprecise processing and hassle with imprecise dosing. Just choose the perfect opening size and you’ll never have too much glue on small surfaces again.
  • TRANSPARENT AND INDORSE: no unsightly white glue residue, thanks to the characteristics that make wood glue highly transparent after curing. Free of pungent and unpleasant odours.
  • Water-resistant and solvent-free: according to DIN EN204D3, our wood glue is extra strong for wood, cardboard and textiles exposed to high humidity or water, as well as for gluing with higher temperature resistance (WATT 91)
  • Excellent printing times: Don’t want to wait forever for the wood glue to dry? Then you have made the right choice with our express wood glue. In addition, the elasticity or flexibility on the basis of the PVA-C dispersion offers an additional advantage.
  • Airtight bottle – No leakage: clean fingers and more joy during construction and DIY thanks to our thick bottles. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is your glue. Were we able to convince? Click now on “Add to cart”

Leimfix is a D3 waterproof wood glue that is suitable for both exterior and interior use. After drying the natural effect will be assured.

The opening will ensure that the amount of glue released is precisely distributed, so you won’t risk pouring too much glue on small areas. This will also help you minimize waste.

MMOBIEL B-7000 – Industrial Glue

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Self-leveling adhesive with high elasticity for SmartPhone, Tablet, electronic components, jewelry, toys, metal, glass, rubber, fiber, paper, ceramic, wood, clothes, fabrics, nylon, PVC, leather and other materials.
  • B-7000 HIGHLY performant glue better than silicone glues, acrylics and gummy cements because it adheres to multiple surfaces for long lasting durability. B-7000 provides superior bonding on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates.
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED PRECISION POINTS: Allow the use of droplets for fine, precise and controlled application without mess.
  • APPEARANCE: Semi-transparent floating solid body Content: 30%-35% after drying the hardness is 65-80A Surface drying time: 3 – 6 Minutes. Complete drying time: 24-48 hours Save: at 10 degrees to 28 degrees preservation
  • High quality MMOBIEL product all parts are checked before shipment. Product in stock.

The last type of glue we offer is a multipurpose glue: it is essentially a material that can be used to assemble a variety of materials, including metal, glass, rubber, fiber, ceramic, wood, various fabrics, leather, paper and many others.

Mmobiel B-7000 glue ensures high performance of fixing and long lasting adhesion.

Pattex Millechiodi – Transparent Wood Glue

  • Clampless – The wood glue has a strong initial tack that allows for clampless repairs. It can be applied to damp surfaces and remains elastic.
  • Non-sagging – Also perfect as a cork glue, the strong glue has a dispenser that makes it easy and clean to use, allowing for vertical applications as it does not drip.
  • Invisible Result – This strong wood glue is white upon application but becomes transparent as it dries, for precise work and invisible repairs.
  • Multipurpose Glue – The powerful adhesive is ideal for wood but can be used as a glue stick, on plastic*, glue, polystyrene, as long as one of the surfaces is porous.
  • Packaging – Pattex Millechiodi Legno, quick glue to use without clamps even vertically, powerful adhesive not only for wood, invisible final result, transparent, 100g bottle

Pattex Millechiodi is the latest of our wood glues: it is an easy to use product with a suction cup grip and strong initial adhesion. This ensures that the glue will not run when used on vertical surfaces. Also, you won’t need clamps to get a good hold.

The average drying time allows you to reposition and modify surfaces within ten minutes. After 48 hours, the parts will be fully welded.

What to do before applying the glue

Regardless of the various types of glue and especially the application methods, you will need to understand what to do before fixing the objects:

Clean all surfaces that will be glued and fixed from dust or other residues.

  • Follow the instructions for use before each application to understand the various drying times of each type of glue;
  • Smudges should be removed with a wet cloth depending on the type of glue used;
  • Close the glue cap tightly after use so that it holds optimally and does not dry quickly.

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