Multipurpose circular saw blades for mitre saws: buyer’s guide

If you’re looking for a circular saw blade that can cut through multiple materials at once, you may be interested to know that we’ve put together a list of the best multi-purpose blades for your miter saw. You’ll discover all the latest models and deals available on Amazon.

We’re here to help you select the best tools (in this case, multi-material blades) and assist you in choosing the ones that best meet your needs.

Our article will help you choose the best alternatives available on the market without wasting time and money with a poor purchase.

Multi-material disc EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS F255-TCT

  • Performs cuts on steel, aluminum, plastic and wood even with nails.
  • High density tungsten carbide teeth ensure longer life
  • High quality blade made in Japan
  • 24 tooth configuration enables fast and efficient cuts
  • Blade diameter 255 mm and hole diameter 25.4 mm

No matter if you are cutting metal, plastic or wood, the Evolution Power Tools F255-TCT will exceed your expectations. With a high quality blade made in Japan and teeth that last much longer than others, this really is one of the best tools on the market. The 24-tooth configuration means it cuts steel faster than other models, so you won’t have to waste time changing blades for every different project.

EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS R210TCT-24T Multi-Material Blade

  • Cuts steel, aluminum, plastic and wood, even with nails.
  • High density tungsten carbide teeth provide longer life
  • High quality blade made in Japan
  • 28 tooth configuration enables fast and efficient cutting
  • Blade diameter 255 mm and hole diameter 25.4 mm

Dazzling 100% metal cutting power! With the EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS R210TCT-24T multi-material circular saw blade you can cut steel, aluminium, plastic and wood even with nails. This blade packs strength into a lightweight model while providing superior performance. Equipped with 28 teeth for fast cutting, you won’t have to worry about taking hours to cut your materials. This product is suitable for all people who need a high-quality blade for precise work. Treat yourself to the EVOLUTION POWER TOOLS R210TCT-24T multi-material disc today!

Bosch Multi-Material Blade 2608640445

  • For all saw brands
  • For all materials
  • Minimal vibration and noise

With this Bosch multi-material saw blade, you will be able to cut any material with absolute precision. The blade has a thickness of 1.8 mm and a cutting width of 2.5 mm, making it perfect for thin materials and joints, as well as cutting hard plastics.

The Bosch 2608640445 cirolare blade has a diameter of 210mm and is ideal for fairly thick pieces of wood and provides a really clean finish.

Professional multi-material disc

  • For excellent results on non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics, epoxy resin and wood
  • Blade diameter: 216 mm; hole: 30 mm; cutting width: 2.4 mm; number of teeth: 64
  • compatible with mitre saws, radial mitre saws and panel saws of most brands of power tools
  • High-tech coating for reliable cutting performance – prevents corrosion and reduces friction
  • Specially inserted damping grooves ensure particularly quiet operation, significantly lower noise levels and significantly reduced vibrations

Get professional quality results at a fraction of the price with this Bosch circular saw blade, compatible with mitre saws and panel saws. With a cutting width of 2.4 mm and 80 teeth, it offers impressive performance for non-ferrous metals, aluminium, plastics and wood – but is also specially designed for maximum precision in its high-tech coating that prevents friction or corrosion. Added to this is the fact that it uses particularly quiet operation thanks to patented damping grooves that dissipate vibration when using power tools such as mitre saws… all in one blade!

Economical multi-purpose wheel

The following is, in our opinion, the best multi-material disc in the budget price range. Although it does not reach the quality standards of a Bosh it is still a good compromise between quality and price.

  • Material: High quality Diamond
  • Dimensions: 165 mm x 20 mm, 40 teeth
  • Sharp corners for a fast and cut-free
  • Best assistant to experienced masonry carpenters
  • Equipped with rotary tools, used for cutting concrete, PVC pipe, wood, plastic, aluminum.

Multi-material cut-off saw blades on offer on Amazon

Below, we’ve created a list with the biggest discounts on multi-material discs for your miter saw. Keep in mind that the deals change frequently. If you need to buy a multi-material circular saw blade for miter saw, we recommend you buy it as soon as possible because the deals will go away quickly.

Why is it worth buying multi-material circular saw blades on Amazon?

Miter saws are useful tools for any professional who needs to make oblique cuts. They are becoming increasingly popular among DIY hobbyists. If you need to buy a mitre saw then you might also find it useful to read the article on how to choose the best mitre saw.

  • Customer Service: They have by far the best customer service of all. You can exchange or return the goods for free within 30 days of delivery.
  • Delivery time: Amazon offers fast delivery times, depending on where you live, with deliveries taking less than two hours in some areas and up to 48 hours in others.
  • Genuine Reviews: You can read lots of (verified) reviews from people who have bought the product before you and get an idea of what the positives and negatives are.
  • Competitive prices: It’s really hard to find lower prices both online and in physical stores.

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