Mini circular saw: best models, features and prices

Do you need to make precise, straight or longitudinal cuts? Do you have a small workshop and are you used to working with wood or metal? A circular saw is the tool you can’t miss. Circular saws come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The most common application is cutting wooden boards of various sizes, the only limitation being that the thickness of the board must not exceed the depth of the blade. That’s why you’ll find them in different shapes and sizes on the market.

What is a mini circular saw?

It is an electric saw that is driven by an internal motor powered by a battery.

The power of the mini circular saw is defined by the voltage of the battery. Usually, they mount lithium-ion batteries and the voltage is between 18 and 58 volts. The cutting length varies from 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches).

Their durability, light weight, flexibility and ease of use make them ideal for both personal and professional purposes. They are also easy to use and consume little energy while being equally efficient in terms of output.

How to choose a mini circular saw?

Mini circular sawscan be divided into three different types:

  • Mini hand saws: these are less expensive but require more effort from the user.

  • Cordless mini saws
    They have the advantage of being portable and not having to be plugged into a power outlet, as well as usually providing greater accuracy.

  • Power-powered mini saws: these are generally the most powerful, as well as suitable for hard materials and deeper cuts. Some of them include convenient long cables and special cutting indicators that make the process easier.

In general, a decent mini circular saw should allow you to change the depth of cut and the type of tilt.

A mini circular saw usually comes with a blade guard and a guide bearing for closer, precision cuts.

In addition, the handleshould be ergonomic, comfortable, and secured effectively to ensure that every cut can be made safely.

This tool can cut a wide range of materials, including plastic, wood, ceramic, and metal.

Now that you’re clear on what the features and functionality of this tool are, it’s time to show you my personal list of the best mini saws on the market that will best suit you.

I will focus on five of the best mini circular saws so that you can make an informed decision.

Top5 Best mini circular saws: models and prices

This list contains a description of the five best mini circular saws that have become bestsellers on the world’s largest online store, Amazon.

Bosch PKS 16 Multi – Bosch mini circular saw.

  • Mini circular saw 400 Watt
  • Blade diameter 65 mm, Bore diameter 15 mm, 6400 rpm
  • Max. cutting depth 16 mm adjustable with rotary knob, possibility to make cuts from solid material
  • Lock-off start button, spindle lock, CutControl, Softgrip coating, Bosch ECP (Electronic Cell Protection)
  • Scope of delivery: 1 softwood saw blade (2609256C82), 1 multi-material saw blade (2609256C83), 1 diamond saw blade for tiles and stoneware (2609256425), vacuum cleaner attachment, carrying case

The Bosch mini circular saw is the first product we will discuss. The Bosch brand is associated with high quality products and this 400 Watt mini circular saw fully meets most expectations.

The blade has a diameter of 65 mm and features a hole with a diameter of 15 mm, to the tune of 6400 rpm. The maximum cutting depth is 16 mm, and can be adjusted with an easy knob.

Included in the functional case are three blades: one for soft wood, a multi-material blade for cutting tiles and stoneware, and a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Handling and ease of use are two elements that have received the greatest approval from a large number of users. The retractable blade ensures safe operation by reducing risks.

In addition, the possibility of connecting the mini circular saw to a vacuum cleaner is highly appreciated, allowing us to work in a clean and tidy manner without distributing chips and fragments.

Skil F0155330AA – Portable Mini Circular Saw

  • Suitable for: wood, laminate, ceramic tiles, aluminium and plastics
  • 28.5mm depth of cut
  • Spindle lock for easy blade replacement
  • Standard parallel guide, blades and diamond blade included
  • Connection tube for vacuum cleaner

The compact Skil F0155330AA is the second mini circular saw we will be discussing.

It has a 600W motor, allowing it to cut wood, laminate, ceramic and stoneware tiles, aluminium and plastic and has a greater depth of cut of up to 28.5mm than the previous model.

The small size and light weight allows you to use it with one hand, giving you plenty of flexibility when working.

Included in the package are two wood blades and a diamond blade, as well as a parallel cutting guide and a connecting hose for the vacuum cleaner.

The only jarring note about the Skil F0155330AA is the lack of a case to help with transportation.

Overall, it’s a good product that provides good performance for small household jobs at a reasonable price.

Worx WX426 – Mini Circular Saw

  • Patented product, safely cuts wood, metal, tile, plasterboard and plastic with ease
  • Compact size ideal for reaching difficult areas, one-handed operation
  • LaserGuide for maximum cutting precision – Enhanced blade visibility for greater cutting accuracy
  • Quick depth of cut adjustment, perfect for plunge cuts – Spindle lock button
  • Quick coupling for vacuum cleaner

The Worx mini circular saw is smaller than the previous two models, powered by a less powerful motor, it cuts wood, metal, tile, drywall and plastic to perfection with the utmost safety and ease.

The compact design makes it a great tool for reaching even the most inaccessible spaces, while its elongated shape allows for a better view of the blade and a more precise cut.

For plunge cuts, adjusting the depth of cut (which in this case is 35 mm) is quick and flawless.

One of the notable features is the presence of a spindle stop button for easy and safe blade replacement.

Overall, this is a reliable and precise device that has delighted most buyers thanks to its accuracy and convenient case.

Mini circular saw einhell TC-CS 860

  • Voltage: 230 – 240 V ~ 50 Hz; Power: 450 W
  • RPM: 6,000 min-1
  • Cutting depth: maximum 23 mm
  • Saw blade holder: Ø 10 mm

The Einhell 4330992 TC-CS 860 mini circular saw is the fourth model that we will examine in detail.

With a 450 W motor that reaches 6000 rpm, a cutting depth of about 23 mm, it does its job very well.

Included are a 20-tooth TCT blade, which is great for cutting wood and plastic, an 80-tooth HSS blade for solid wood, and a diamond cutting disc for tile and stoneware.

Despite its low price, this is a lightweight, practical and efficient small circular saw. Included in the price is the handy carrying case.

The non-slip rubber coated handle and overheating protection mechanism are both excellent features that make this mini saw suitable for anyone who wants to dabble in the hobby and DIY.

Powerplus POWX1420 mini circular saw

  • Power: 600 Watts
  • Minimum speed: 3,500 rpm
  • Cutting depth: max. 42.8 mm
  • Circular wood saw, 24 teeth, diameter 115 mm
  • 3 m power cable

Last but not least, the Powerplus POWX1420 mini circular saw.

The supplied 24-tooth saw blade has a diameter of 115 mm and can cut softwood or laminate.

The Softgrip handle offers a secure grip that is pleasant to the touch.

The capacity of this machine is fantastic. It can cut up to 42.8 mm deep, which is quite amazing for a device of this size.

Also present here is the handy dust extraction hose and the carrying case for neat storage after use.

Also included with the mini saw is a handy dust extraction tube and a case to keep everything tidy after use.

For people who enjoy woodworking activities, this is an excellent purchase. It ensures a clean and precise cut thanks to the adjustable angles and side guides.


The purpose of this guide is to help you choose the best mini circular saw depending on its specific needs. We have chosen to list 5 of the best mini saws that offer a decent depth of cut and good power and maneuverability.

You’ll find a wide range of mini saws on the market and but I’m sure that with this little guide, you’ll be able to identify the one that will make your DIY experience even more enjoyable.

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