Makita Slicer: Which one to choose? TOP5 with opinions and prices

If you want to work with wood, as well as other materials that need to be cut with precision, the Makita miter saw is definitely a good place to start.

Let’s take a look at why you should choose this type of tool, and more importantly, why you should choose this brand.

Why choose a Makita mitre saw

For over 40 years Makita has been a leader in Italy, specializing in the production of high quality equipment. A project dedicated to passion, availability and continuous updates to maximize the potential of its products.

The main advantages of relying on a leading company like Makita Sp.a. are:

  • Prices of spare parts are 20% lower than the average price of spare parts of all other brands;
  • Documentation to facilitate the use of the tool;
  • Spare parts warehouse in Italy;
  • Service Centres throughout Italy.

If you want to benefit from a tool with the highest degree of safety, the choice of a Makita wood cutting machine is essential.

The various safety measures will allow you to work with ease, while also providing a high degree of precision also thanks to the blade that distinguishes this tool.

Makita is recognized for excellence and reliability. To choose the best model, just consider the power and blade speeds, as well as the size of the work area and the depth of cut.

We’ve created a list of the 5 best Makita mitre saws to help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Makita mitre saws: Ranking with prices

1.Crosscut saw Makita LS1216F

  • MAKITA LS1216F – Ingletadora telescopica con luz 1650W 3200 rpm disc 305 mm 26.6 kg

The podium as the best cut-off machine definitely goes to the Makita LS1216F, which includes an electric brake that allows you to instantly lock the disc blade, ensuring total safety and ease of use.

With a power of 1.6 watts, this wood cut-off saw allows the blade to rotate 2000 times per minute, giving you a clean and precise cut thanks to which you can be sure that every job can be done with great care.

The material that sets it apart is perhaps the most important feature. This miter saw alternates a durable plastic with a type of metal that doesn’t overheat. It has an ergonomic handle that dampens vibration and allows you to make a very precise cut without the slightest effort.

This model is equipped with splinter guard and a protective coating, is distinguished by its weight of about 26 kg with dimensions of 80.6 x 64 x 72.1 cm, is ideal for performing various tasks on different materials.

2.Makita LS1018L radial cut-off machine

This radial cut-off machine model, unlike the previous one, has a more compact design in size but can provide a more professional and customizable cut.

This time, you’ll get a tool with a strong enough blade that can give you the highest level of safety while working, but you can also choose to perform a cross cut using an adjustable 45-degree angle on each side.

The depth of cut adjustment mechanism is easy to use, although as it’s less deep than the Makita LS1216F, it will require a bit more work to cut thick materials such as chunky.

Plastic and heavy metal are used in the construction of this tool, it allows you to avoid both workplace accidents and sudden movements while using it.

This Makita radial mitre saw is a fantastic machine, it weighs 12 kg and measures 57 x 87 x 56 cm.

If you don’t need to work with high thicknesses, or if you need to customize the cut, this is the perfect machine.

3.Makita zmak-mls100 cut-off machine – An economical and versatile model

  • Possibility of dust extraction by bag or with vacuum connection
  • Slow start
  • Locking mechanism

This is the classic circular saw with all-round versatility.

The slow start avoids accidents while working as the blade only reaches full power after a few seconds, the disc lock is also gradual and does not overheat the blade.

One disadvantage is that you won’t be able to adjust the cut, so you’ll only be able to work horizontally.

If you want to use a safe and basic tool with which you can accomplish simple tasks, this Makita circular saw is an excellent alternative.

4.Makita lh1040f mitre saw – Safety first

  • Power consumption 1650 Watt
  • Speed 4800 rpm
  • Cable length 2.5 m

The Makita 1650 watt cut-off machine has an anti-accident start function, so you can be sure that safety will be present in any mode of use.

The material of this tool is durable aluminum, making it compact and lightweight, while also combining the function of a miter saw and a table saw. As a result, you will be able to work on wood and other materials without having to worry about any difficulties that would make using this equipment less enjoyable than expected.

  • The work surface, which can be adjusted in height for easier cutting;
  • LED guide light, which allows for better cutting accuracy.

The cooling system will ensure that this device can be used for long periods of time without interrupting any activity.

As a result, we have a wonderful tool that can be used by industry professionals as well as amateurs looking to perform even basic carpentry tasks on wood and other materials.

5.Makita lh1200fl flatbed cut-off machine

  • Lightweight, weighs only 19.5 kg
  • Die-cast aluminium table
  • Integrated laser guide
  • Integrated LED working light, 4 LEDs provide a clear view of the material
  • Adjustable table guide

The Makita lh1200fl mitre saw is great for precision work. It has a laser guide that accurately shows the cutting direction, which you can change for maximum customization.

In addition to this feature, there are four LEDs that make the work surface extremely bright and ensure the quality and perfection of the work.

The blade of the Makita lh1200fl miter saw is less powerful than the previous models, but thanks to its 1650 Watt power motor, it is reliable and safe under any circumstances.


Makita is one of the most reliable brands in the field of power tools. If you are looking for a miter saw that is durable, versatile, and reliable, Makita is an excellent choice.

The best part is that they have many different models to choose from with various features, so it’s easy to find the right tool for your needs.

Whether you need something simple or professional, there are many options available, so take some time to research which model would work best for you!

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