How to cut iron: 5 must-have tools

Iron is a metal that can be found in a variety of applications. It is a particularly suitable material for carpentry work, due to its structural and strength qualities. Of course, to prevent it from deteriorating over time, it needs to be treated properly.

Those who work with DIY and do-it-yourself often have to cut, saw and refine the raw material.

What are the best methods and tools for cutting iron? Which one should you choose? Here’s how to cut iron using the proper equipment, without ever losing sight of the quality of the end result, which is what matters most.

How to cut iron with a grinder

The first approach, for a fast and precise cut, is to use a grinder, which is a device with a disc that rotates at high speed and allows you to work on many types of materials, including stone and marble.

Iron can be treated in different ways, for example you can get different results depending on the work you need to do. Generally, thanks to the grinder the operations you can perform are: cutting, shaping and grinding after a good welding.

The flexible (sometimes called flex) can be used to cut large thicknesses, such as those of reinforcement used in concrete. Depending on the model and disc, you can cut iron, universal springs, stone, porcelain and plastic.

Hacksaw for cutting metal

For small projects that don’t require electricity, an iron saw is a quick and easy fix. Every garage should have an iron saw in its toolbox. Depending on the effort required, there are versions with either a small or large bow. The large bow allows you to make less effort while the small bow allows you to cut smaller pieces more easily.

Iron cutter

A mitre saw is a power tool designed to precisely cut many types of materials, including iron. They use a principle similar to that of the flexible but with one particularity: they have a base on which to rest the object and an articulated arm on which the blade is mounted.

In this way you can adjust and direct the cut precisely. What makes this tool unique is that it allows you to cut with millimeter precision. The limitation, of course, is that you have to work on a workbench.

Iron cutter

Iron cutters are particularly useful for jobs that require a clean cut. This type of work is accomplished by making use of muscle effort. The person doing the cutting must perform the hard work of cutting metal cleanly and without much attention to detail.

You can cut chains, padlocks, bolts and pins. It is one of the essential tools for any woodworker, carpenter or hobbyist.

How to cut iron with nibbler

Although not very popular, this technique has some interesting applications. For example, it is useful when you want to bend a sheet metal and cut it using lines or curves drawn on it. The nibbler differs from scissors and iron shears in that it ejects a portion of material in the form of shavings or curls.

In addition to the classic hand nibblers, there are electric and compressed air nibblers. Obviously these last two alternatives allow you to cut iron with higher speed, without forgetting that some models have guides that allow you to make parallel or circular cuts with great precision.

What is the ideal solution?

For those who work with DIY, having a decent grinder is essential as it is convenient for many other tasks as well. The miter saw ties you down to the workstation but provides more precision. The hacksaw should also be with you at all times.

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