Festool KS 60: The perfect radial cut-off machine

The Festool KS 60 is a simply perfect traction machine. It doesn’t have a single flaw that is one, and after all, it’s only right that it should be, considering that its price is over 900 euros.

It’s not a tool you buy every day, and it’s especially not for everyone. Being a highly professional mitre saw, it’s aimed at a target audience of experts only, but no one is stopping you from buying it if you want to seriously raise the bar in your business. Why? Because it ‘s so easy to use. From carpentry to construction, passing by carpentry, you will bring in the laboratory a machine that can do everything and more (literally, or almost). Some features to highlight?

Just think of the high-precision double-column guide, the presence of the false square and the LED guide (but only in the E-Set version)!

Technical features

  • Power of 1,200 W
  • Disc diameter 216 mm
  • Hole diameter 30 mm
  • Weight of the cut-off machine 17.8 kg
  • Model: radial cut-off machine
  • Cutting for wood

Construction and materials

Since it’s not exactly light, you can tell right away that the Festool KS 60 cut-off saw is made largely of metal materials, as there is very little plastic present. This factor makes it not only durable, but also very stable on the work surface, which results in a millimetre-accurate cut that is among the cleanest ever. From experience, we can assure you that there are very few premium machines that can come close to the performance of the Festool, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Staying on the subject of structure, in addition to the laser guide (which you only find in the E-Set series), this product has an inlet for the suction of chips and other waste, and even height adjustable feet.

As we have already mentioned, the guide is double-column and runs on a system of ball bearings: in short, reliability is guaranteed as well as practicality, since it is super easy to use and no special skills are needed. Finally, precision is raised to maximum power by the two lateral extensions, which also allow you to process very bulky pieces.

Other details worthy of praise? The double shaft system that allows you to change the blade very quickly and the false square, useful to mark the external and internal corners, so you can reproduce them faithfully. Although it’s not a featherweight, the Festool KS 60 is actually not tiring to carry, and the credit this time goes to the ergonomic handles and its dimensions that are in any case not excessive.

Blade and cutting capacity

The Festool KS 60 includes a steel blade, with a diameter of 216 millimeters and a 30-millimeter installation hole. We would like to clarify one thing: although the blade is indicated in the product sheet as universal, in reality this device is only and exclusively to be used for cutting wood or in any case woody materials such as plywood.

It absolutely cannot be used to work with metal and ferrous alloys, because in that case the dust could damage the components of the cut-off machine. Secondly, sparks would be produced that could burn the plastic parts of the model, as in the case of the cap placed to protect the blade. If we move on to the cutting capacity, and specifically the maximum depth, the values are as follows.

  • Cutting at 90 degrees (90-degree tilt): 305 x 60 mm
  • 45-degree cutting (90-degree tilt): 215 x 60 mm
  • 45-degree cut ( 45-degree left tilt): 215 x 40 mm
  • 45-degree cut ( at 45 degrees right): 215 x 20 mm
  • 60-degree cut (90-degree tilt): 150 x 60 mm

The combination of the options listed above, and the other features analysed, make the Festool KS 60 an outstanding radial cut-off machine, also in terms of versatility.

Blade tilt and bevel

First, know that the blade can be tilted to either the right or left, and in either direction it can reach a maximum value around 47 degrees. Secondly, consider that the management of the tilt is very simple, since you just need to adjust the knob located behind the arm.

A very similar discourse applies to the adjustment of the bevel cuts, with a maximum bevel angle of 60 degrees (right and left). In this case, the system is even simpler and faster to manage: when you want to move the plate, in fact, all you have to do is press the lever under the handle and move the arm to the desired angle.

Engine and performance

The motor has a decent power base, corresponding to a wattage of 1,200 W. It also works steadily and never overheats, with all in all limited consumption if you make a direct comparison with more powerful mitre saws. In any case, know that there are very few models that allow you to do the following: change the speed of rotation of the disc. The latter is in fact variable and can be adjusted thanks to a special washer, located on the motor body.

As for the values, the no-load speed (i.e. without contact with the wood) starts from a minimum of 1,300 rotations per minute up to a maximum of 3,500 RPM. Returning to the motor, always remember that this model is a direct drive cut-off machine, therefore much more performing than the belt driven machines. So it explains a lower rated value in watts, but a higher than average power.

Opinions and conclusions

The Festool KS 60 seems to whisper in your ear: “You’ll have no other cut-off machine but me”. Being able to afford such an expense, it’s a shame not to treat yourself to a model that doesn’t have a single comma out of place. From the powerful motor to the traction, through to options such as the false square and the LED guide, the options offered by this machine are truly numerous. And let’s not forget the ability to work with bevel cuts up to 60 degrees, and the variable speed.

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