Cut-off machine for iron and other metals: advice on models and types

Is the material you need to cut for hobby or professional purposes iron?

Then this is the page for you as we will find out everything you need to know about the iron cut-off machine. We’ll give you some advice on which type of cut-off machine is ideal for cutting hard materials such as metals. To do this we’re going to describe the different types so that you can have a clear idea of the various cut-off machines. Another piece of information that should not be underestimated and that will certainly provide you with further information, is our choice of the best models for cutting iron.


  • Blade lock for safe blade change
  • Soft start to protect mechanics against high torque
  • Adjustable height for setting the cutting height
  • Locking mechanism with quick lock
  • Tool holder for hexagonal wrench supplied

  • Power consumption: 2300 W; no-load speed 3800 rpm; disc diameter 355 mm; photo diameter 25.4 mm; weight 16.5 kg.

Radial cut-off machine for iron: recommended models and useful info

If you have decided to buy the radial cut-off machine for cutting iron, it is good that you know how not all models are suitable for cutting hard materials. As per the title, you need to pay attention to the blade. Let’s explain the meaning of this.
You can’t use the same blades for both wood and iron, also because those for wood would not be able to do anything against a much stronger material. Certainly, one of the first thoughts to solve such a situation is: “I change blade, I buy one for iron and I solved the problem”. Unfortunately, the “problem” is not solvable so.

You have to buy special cut-off saws. For this reason we recommend the Evolution Fury 3 XL (suitable for hobby use), the Evolution Rage 3SFP and the Evolution Rage 3db (suitable for professional use) which are equipped with a multipurpose blade that cuts metal, wood and aluminum.

Iron cut-off machine with top deck: recommended models

It is easier to find a cut-off machine with a top deck for wood and aluminum, than one for metal. But there are also models that are designed to cut iron as well. This is the case of the Compa Orange 250 Mcut Plus (click on the link to read the review) equipped with universal blade.

Iron cutter disc: the recommended models

For cutting iron you have to opt for the appropriate disc cut-off machine for metals. The only one able to equip the appropriate blades. For a hobby use, our advice is to opt for the cut-off machine Einhell th mc 355 or Aeg smt 355. For professional use we recommend the Bosch gcd 12 jl.

Iron cut-off machine: prices and models

These are also the most commonly used models for cutting iron. As mentioned above, they are characterized by the presence of a tape that sliding has the strength to cut the piece. You have the possibility to cut pieces with different angles (of course, it also depends on the limitation imposed by the power tool purchased).
The band saws[here the recommended model] are also called band saws.

Band saw or cut-off saw?

There is a dilemma that still hasn’t been solved: “Is it better to have a band saw or a disk saw?”.
In this paragraph we will try to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the two products. But let’s make it clear from the start, there is no one model that is better than the other. There is only one product that is better suited to the personal needs of the end user.
As far as speed is concerned, we can define the band saw slower in cutting compared to the disk saw, but this does not mean that it is less precise. On the other hand, the disc saw produces more sparks. Although in this case we might as well say “produced”, since some models on the market no longer present this “nuisance”.

Iron cutter: prices

We have come to the end of this article and now all that remains is to deal with a very last parameter of evaluation, namely the price.
How much does an ironcut-off machine cost?
The final cost depends not only on the type but also on the characteristics of the tool itself. A powerful cut-off machine with a high cutting capacity will certainly cost more[as demonstrated here] than another model with lower performance.
If you feel like saving money, you could buy the best mitre saws selected by us. In addition to a lower price than the full cost of the product, it also boasts an extra convenience, namely the possibility of not having to go to any store. So, we refer to the cutters for iron can be purchased online (just click on the image below and you will be directed to the appropriate site of sale).

Iron cutters: deepening on the types

You do not know what are the types of mitre saws for iron?

Don’t worry because on this page we’re going to list and describe all of them. And without wasting any more precious time, let’s find out right now.

  • Radial cut-off machine
    These models allow the blade to move transverse to the workpiece, so that large widths and thicknesses can be cut. They are the most flexible power tools since it is possible to perform different cuts with different angles. It must be specified, however, that some of these products are specific only and exclusively for materials less resistant than iron (wood, plastic, aluminum). Topic that we will deepen later.

  • Cutting-off machine with upper table
    Why settle for just a mitre saw when you can transform your power tool into a table saw? Well, this is the great advantage of the mitre saw with upper table.
  • Combi cut-off machine: similar to the model described above, with the only exception that the combi cut-off machine also has removable legs to support the structure. So you don’t have to place your power tool on a table or other special raised structure.

  • Disc cut-off machine
    All models allow you to cut hard materials such as iron. They are made up of an abrasive disc which is lowered progressively onto the workpiece.
  • Band saw: it would be more correct to call them band saws, they are characterized by the presence of a tape that has the task of cutting the workpiece. Also in this case all models on the market are ideal for cutting iron.

The Metabo KGS 216 M radial cut-off machine is an excellent product. This mitre saw is one of the best on the market in many respects and is very well made and of very good quality.

The Metabo KGS 216 M mitre saw has many fascinating features. The design and construction of this radial mitre saw are immediately apparent.

The cart design, for example, includes a carrying handle (to be attached to the outside of the packaging) and a system for connecting the power cord (2 brackets mounted on the right side of the cart). When fully opened, the Metabo KGS 216 M weighs 13 kg and measures 34 x 76 x 47.5 cm.

Its cutting blade can cut through entire panels up to 25-30 cm at a time.

The length of the cut varies depending on the angle of inclination chosen, whether 90° or 45°, and ranges from 305 mm to 205 mm in length and 65 mm to 36 mm in depth. The Metabo KGS 216 M is a bargain!

Comfortable and robust

If you purchase the Metabo KGS 216 M, you will receive it in a large, sturdy packaging which is immediately evident to be of very good quality.

The Metabo KGS 216 M radial cut-off saw is equipped with a powerful 3 LED light that illuminates the working area and a laser beam on the left side of the blade that indicates the position of the blade. The sliding of the carriage is smooth and safe.

A screw prevents disc movement during transport or “stationary” cuts. To create pockets or grooves, a variable selector prevents vertical lowering of the disc. A suction port is also included to attach the chip bag.

The mitre saw is ideal for cutting wooden boards and is very accurate, with a weight that allows it to be moved easily. It has a sturdy base that allows you to work safely.

In general, the Metabo KGS 216 M mitre saw exceeds expectations. However, we would like to point out that the Metabo KGS 216 M is a semi-professional radial cut-off machine.

Metabo kgs 216: also for small craftsmen!

We recommend the purchase of the Metabo kgs 216 M mitre saw for hobbyists as well as for all craftsmen who need a portable mitre saw so that they can also work outside of their job. As far as the price is concerned this Metabo mitre saw is in the lower price range. Really good value for money.


The two extendable outer supports can be removed to create a height difference even when the saw is out of the way, like when cutting skirting boards or other long boards. The cut is excellent as it is burr-free on both solid wood and veneer.

The clamp to secure the workpiece to the cutting base can be removed and repositioned on the right side of the table. In addition, the quick lowering button for the clamping disc on the workpiece is very practical. The Metabo KGS 216 M is a very stable radial cut-off machine that should be in every workshop.

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