Cordless cutting machine: advantages and recommended models

You don’t like power tools much because of the cable, which is sometimes a real hindrance?

By opting for a cordless miter saw, you will no longer have such a hassle. These models do not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet and hence can be used in any environment. This is certainly the main advantage in owning a cordless miter saw. But of course, such an advantage also has a disadvantage: durability. Electric cut-off machines can be used continuously, while battery-powered models will stop working after a certain number of uses because the lithium battery will be discharged.
“So, is it better to go for the electric models?
Not necessarily, on the contrary, by purchasing a spare lithium battery you can insert the charged one and recharge the discharged one, so as to work continuously. Consequently you would eliminate the disadvantage of the short duration.
That said, in the following paragraphs you’ll discover the three cordless models we recommend.

Cordless radial cut-off machine for hobbyists: we recommend Einhell TE-MS 18/210 Li

Among the hobbyist models we recommend the Einhell TE-MS 18/210 Li because of its low purchase price[which you can evaluate here] and its features suitable for non-professional use.
The table can be rotated (there is a fine adjustment for precise mitre cuts) and the head is, of course, tiltable.
We are positively surprised by the presence of the laser that will help you to be even more precise and safe in the cuts and the led light that guarantees an excellent visibility on the working area. This then confirms even more the usefulness of this product (in a hypothetical environment without electricity and with poor outdoor lighting, this function will be really essential).
Please note that the Einhell TE-MS 18/210 Li cut-off machine is not equipped with a battery charger or battery, but if you already have other cordless tools from Einhell, well you can use the same accessories for this cut-off machine.

Cordless mitre saw for professionals: we recommend the Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216

For semi-professionals and professionals we recommend the Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216.
What impressed us most about this mitre saw?
Certainly the robustness and the comfort features (LED light, chip suction, laser and quick adjustment for the most common cutting angles), but most of all we were impressed by the Ultra-M technology that optimally manages the battery power so that it lasts as long as possible.
Recommended product also for its price which we think is really competitive[find out here].

Cordless radial cutter for professionals: we recommend Makita DLS600Z

Another cut-off machine with performances suitable for heavy and continuous work, this time we talk about the Makita DLS600Z that struck us meanwhile to be a machine with brushless motor. As a result, the cut-off machine needs less maintenance and is also less noisy.
In addition, it boasts several features that will facilitate your task, such as the engine brake, the dust collector, the laser, the soft start (so you immediately have an excellent control on the cut-off machine) and LED lighting for maximum visibility in all circumstances.

There’s also no danger of getting “stuck” right at the very end because thanks to thebattery charge indicator you’ll know when it’s time to recharge it.
Please note that the battery charger and battery are not included, so they have to be purchased separately (if you have compatible batteries you won’t need them; batteries used for other Makita power tools will be fine). And if in the meantime you want to find out the price of the single Makita DLS600Z mitre saw, click here.

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